5 common at home beauty treatments that are actually a really bad idea


The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to doing your own beauty treatments is the aftermath of what you are doing to yourself. You could have a reaction which can cause you discomfort. Remember there is a reason people pay beauty professionals and part of that reason is because they're trained in proper sterilization and technique. So let’s get into it, the most common treatments people do at home and what you should do instead. 

1. Intimate bleaching or intimate lightning. I’ve read the blogs and articles that tell men and women how to treat there unwanted dark areas. I’ve seen people use anything from turmeric to banana peels. I have also seen these DIY treatments affect the area negatively and leave them darker or yellow in color from a DIY. I would highly recommend you ask about our pain free, non invasive treatment on intimate bleaching. We also have an amazing retail selection for lightning the skin at home. Such as Bush Balm which specifically lightens and brightens unwanted hyperpigmentation. This is one of our most popular services, book your intimate bleaching today and lighten any area you desire. 

2. Microneedling or collagen induction therapy. Microneedling has been trending for awhile now and people are curious so of course more at home Microneedling tools pop up daily. I have seen many people out there use the derma rollers that cause punctures to their skin. However these devices can cause scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I would highly recommend supporting a local business such as The Bay Spa in South Tampa. The skin pen we use in the treatment room is more precise and will be performed by a licensed Esthetician trained on the device. 

3. Dermaplaning. This is a popular beauty trend especially among skincare and makeup realms. This is the procedure of using a razor blade to slough off dead skin and peach fuzz from the face. This process allows skincare products to penetrate better and make up application to go on flawless. If you do this at home you can cut yourself, let alone the razors you can get at TJ Maxx, Walgreens, Target etc are dull and will cause more harm than good. Book your dermaplaning appointment in South Tampa at The Bay Spa. 

4. Extractions and pimple popping. You’ve seen the videos people know and love of Dr. Pimple Popper. However doing this type of thing at home when you are not trained often leaves you scarred, inflamed and your acne or pores are worse than ever. We highly recommend you come in for a professional treatment like a facial or hydro facial. We also have an add on that includes pain free extractions. No one likes the discomfort of extractions so book your hydro glow facial with oxygen infusion. 

5. Lash lift and tint. A lash lift and tint kit bought on Amazon online is not going to give you longer lashes. In fact, if the chemicals of these kits gets in your eye it can potentially cause permanent lash loss, and threaten your eyesight. These DIY kits should never be used! When dealing around the eyes it is best to go to a trained professional who can keep your eyes protected during the service. Book your lash lift and tint by a licensed esthetician here at The Bay Spa near SoHo Tampa.