Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extension pricing & info.

Full Set of eyelash extensions $230 (1.5 hours)

At The Bay Spa we believe that every set of lashes deserves a unique and mesmerizing look so you can choose between classic, volume and mega volume. That’s why our Full Set price includes the freedom to choose any style you desire, tailored perfectly to suit your individual eyes and your dream lash look! For new clients service includes removal of old lashes if needed.

Eyelash extension Fill $75 (1 hour)

Choose between classic, hybrid, volume or Mega volume one set price for all.Don’t let your lashes reach the point of no return! Our lash fill is your lifeline to avoid needing another full set appointment. It’s a maintenance appointment, carefully designed to infill, fluff, and refresh your existing extensions. You must have 50% of eyelash extensions.

Foreign Refill $150 (75 min if needed)

We're delighted to welcome clients from other lash studios for refill appointments, allowing you to experience our exceptional service and expertise. Please note that for clients seeking refills from work done at another studio, there may be an additional charge compared to a standard fill, which reflects the unique approach required for these appointments. Our top priority is ensuring the health and beauty of your lashes, so it's important to mention that the acceptance of such appointments is at the discretion of our lash stylist. This discretion is based on the quality and condition of the existing lash set, ensuring that we can seamlessly and safely enhance your lash look. We are committed to providing you with stunning results while maintaining the integrity and comfort of your lashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal $40