Intimate Bleaching

The Bay Spa now offers intimate bleaching. Intimate Bleaching is the process of lightening the color of the skin around the area you desire. This service can be done on Men and Women.

The process can take between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the the area you are getting lightened. It does not involve any pain, discomfort, or irritation. On average, it normally lasts up to 12-16 weeks once the lightening application is applied. However, individual results vary depending on the skin type and how dark the area is. The number of sessions depends on how dark the area is starting out.

Note: Women cannot be pregnant while doing this type of procedure.

Intimate bleaching prices are subject to change at anytime. Please call 813-733-1892

Brazilian $165
Underarms $85
Bikini $135
Derrière (booty hole) $140
Areola $80
Labia $95
Knees $65
Elbows $60