How massage can help you sleep better


Sleep is one of the most important steps to maintain your general health and well being. 33% of a persons life is spent sleeping. Due to demanding careers and lifestyles 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. Lack of sleep can affect many cognitive skills like reaction times, alertness, mood, hand eye coordination and more. 

The Bay Spa is here to provide you with a solution to improve your sleep. The solution is massage therapy. Massage therapy is used in the management of various health conditions, as it’s non invasive and promotes relaxation. Receiving regular massages will help relieve stress and chronic pains that keep you from sleeping, as well as increase serotonin levels which will help reset your sleep cycle. Massages will lead to a better nights sleep. 

When you receive a massage it has physiological effects that reduce stress by increasing endorphins, serotonin, tissue elasticity and dopamine, as well as decrease cortisol levels. A massage will stimulate hormones natural production and release within the body to lower stress and anxiety as well as stress/sleep related problems. 

Book your massage at The Bay Spa. Our massage therapist Ryan is extremely talented.