Intimate Bleaching Tampa


Intimate Bleaching is the process of lightening the color of the skin around the area you desire. This service can be done on men and women, it’s painless with no downtime. This procedure isn’t safe for pregnant women. The process can take up to forty five minutes depending on the area being lightened. It does not involve any discomfort or irritation. On average, it normally lasts up to 12 to 16 weeks once the lightening application is applied, however, individual results vary depending on the skin type and how dark the area is. Results can be noticed after one session, but some cases require more than one session to achieve desired final results, and when applied lightening products at home between sessions, even better results are achieved. At home skin lightning can be purchased at The Bay Spa for only $40. It’s hydroquinone free and will leave the area even lighter. Before getting this procedure done make sure to NOT shave or wax 4 days prior to the appointment and DO NOT perform sexual intercourse 24 hours before the procedure. Some rules to follow after are: Anal and vaginal bleaching Tampa Avoid laser hair removal and/or waxing for three to five days post treatment Avoid activities such as hot yoga, running, bathing, wearing a thong (when vaginal or anal areas are treated), and soaking in a hot tub. Skip sexual activities, also between three to five days after Avoid direct sun on the area treated for one week Anal bleaching Tampa Anal bleaching is the most asked area to be treated and isn’t a thing just for adult films anymore. Regular women and men are more and more interested in doing this procedure to liven things up for their partners. Vaginal intimate bleaching is the second most popular area for this procedure. Then underarm bleaching is the third. Do not be nervous and come in and see our licensed professionals to help you get the results your after at The Bay Spa.

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