Skincare in Tampa


Let’s talk affordable skincare and the difference between a professional skincare lines and over the counter. One of the main differences between professional and OTC (over the counter) is professional has much higher percentages of ingredients like glycolic acid and retinols. The products you buy at a drug store has a minuscule amount of these skin changing ingredients and they won’t make any visible changes to your skin. The line we use at The Bay Spa was designed by a team of estheticians and doctors, which means the integrity of the product is much greater. Professional skincare can deliver real results with consistent use and help from your licensed esthetician who is trained in ingredients. The higher percentage of the skin changing ingredients allow our clients to see results. When you make that jump over to professional skincare products you see the delivery systems put in place by Skinscript that deliver products deep into the skin. They are professional grade and strength. This is why I have used Skinscript for over 5 years and it delivers amazing results as well as has an outstanding price.