Skincare in Tampa


Tonight I get to lead 5 wonderful people to there best skin yet!

The Bay Spa is having our first ever live skincare class. I am so excited to teach about something I love and am passionate about! 

My goal as an aesthetician is to make skincare accessible to all. With so much misinformation out there I want to educate about why it’s so important to have quality skincare products and how to use them. 

If you missed out on this skincare class, don’t worry I will be doing another one in January! 

The skincare class is $50 and includes;

  • Skincare knowledge by owner & licensed esthetician Harley
  • How to properly apply products
  • Professional skin analysis
  • Sample skincare bag of your recommended line
  • Light refreshments & snacks
  • Option to purchase full size skincare at 15% off!