South Tampa & Hyde Park Village favorites


5 Twitter posts I came across on self care

1. Take time for yourself today - your mental health and well-being are just as important as your physical health. #SelfCare #MentalHealth 
2. Remember to take a break from your to-do list. Self-care is essential for keeping a healthy mind and body. #SelfCare #TakeABreak 
3. Make time for yourself - take a few moments for yourself to relax, unwind, and just breathe. #SelfCare #Relax 
4. Self-care isn't selfish - it's necessary. Make sure you make time for yourself every day. #SelfCare #Selfish 
5. Invest in yourself today - do something that brings you joy. #SelfCare #InvestInYou

Are you wanting to treat yourself better this New Year? Make 2023 about taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit. With The Bay Spa located in South Tampa and minutes from Hyde Park Village we have a few caring favorites for all your self care needs. If you are looking for body self care I highly recommend Palma Ceia Fit Body. They have wonderful trainers who really personalize fitness and specialize in pain management as well as 30 minute fitness classes. They are designed to work the whole body effectively while not taking up to much time, great for the busy moms and dads and everyone in between. Check them out at

Another local favorite is a good eats place called Fruitwood Stand up Market. They encourage self care by fueling your body with a fresh nutritious lunch. They are just around the corner from The Bay Spa. Be sure to check out there menu here

Last but not least another local favorite that will surely help with self care, mind and spirit is a favorite plant shop of mine. This plant store is located in Hyde Park village called Leafy Luv Affair. It is the cutest plant shop owned by one of the cutest couples. Plant benefits; help improve mental health, clean air, and provide a sense of accomplishment. Check them out on instagram here