Sugaring hair removal


Professional body sugaring is a unique method of hair removal using natural sugar paste. The sugar paste is molded onto the skin by hand and then quickly removed with a flicking motion, lifting the hair out of the follicle by the root. It is much less painful than waxing and leaves the hair follicle in a healthier state. 

There is never a fear of burning the skin as with waxing because the sugar paste is applied on at body temperature. It will not lift the skin because it does not adhere to live skin cells. Professional body sugaring at The Bay Spa leads to permanent hair loss over time. With each sugaring treatment the follicle depletes itself and the hair grows finer until eventually its trained not to grow back at all. 

The traditional technique of sugaring hair removal is a warmed thick mixture applied first in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then is is flicked off in the direction of the hair growth to ensure every hair follicle is cleaned out. Hair can be removed at 1/16th of an inch, this eliminates the need to wait for unsightly growth length between treatments. Removing the hair in its natural growth pattern ensures comfort and no irritation. No more disrupted hair follicles that lead to ingrown hairs. Earlier refinement in hair texture, along with faster reduction in hair growth due to extraction in the early anagen stage. 

Removing hair in its natural direction also reduces or eliminates hair breakage. This means elimination of ingrown hairs, bumps, pimples, and early growth between treatments. This technique exfoliates dry and dead skin cells. Your skin tone and texture will dramatically improve after sugaring. Bottom line sugaring = results you can see and feel! 

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Hair removal treatment areas;

  • Face & eyebrows
  • Body 
  • Underarms 
  • Back 
  • Bikini line
  • Legs 
  • Pubic hair removal or Brazilian