Sugaring in Tampa

Every person has unique skin and hair.

Every person deserves a hair removal experience catered to their individual needs. With that being said let me introduce you to the modern standard of sugaring hair removal.

Sugaring is the safest and most effective method of hair removal! We apply the sugar paste to your skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth and remove it following the direction of growth for the gentlest extraction and best results. Our technique eliminates hair breakage, unnecessary discomfort, and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells. With each application, the sugar paste is seeping into the pore, wrapping around the follicle, and fully removing each hair leaving behind an empty, happy pore. Sugaring is completely sanitary, our technique and standards do not allow for any cross-contamination, and sugar paste cannot breed bacteria. Because this technique doesn’t involve heat there is no chance of burning the skin or causing discomfort in any way.

Say goodbye to the trauma of waxing, and never worry about those hair removal horror stories again! Book your appointment today to find out why Body Sugaring is the New Smooth.

Compared to wax sugaring is much less painful and is made up of sugar, lemon juice and water. This means it does not adhere to any live skin cells on the body which make for an easy clean up and no mess every time. In fact, sugaring is so gentle it can remove even the finest of hairs on a woman’s upper lip or jawline.

Sugaring for Women:
Lip $18
Chin $15
Brow Clean Up $25
Brow Shape n/a
Lip & Chin $25
Full Face $60
Half Legs $55
Full Legs $100
Half Arms $32
Full Arms $55
Underarms $20
Bikini $45
Brazilian $80
Abdomen $40
Butt Cheeks $40
Numbing cream add on $10
Sugaring for Men:
Full Legs $130
Half Arms $45
Full Arms $50
Back $65
Upper Back $30
Lower Back $30
Chest $42
Abdomen $42
Nostrils n/a
Ears $12
Manzilian (men's genitalia, including front & back) $150
Butt Cheeks $42